Friday 28 March 2008

Pokesay Castle - Part 1

As part of ECW wargaming I would like to have a model of a small castle which could be placed under siege; being defended by about 1 regiment of foot at the most and some artillery.

I've chosen to make a model based on Stokesay Castle (Shropshire), it's really a moated manor house. It was garrisoned in the civil war. A picture of the gatehouse.

More pictures are available on line. A plan of the castle:

I've decided to call my castle Pokesay. The model itself will be quite large (18" x 24") or something like that. I'm planning to scratch build all the structures and the walls. The moat will be a challenge to do as well.

I must be nuts !!


Bluebear Jeff said...


For the moat, if it were me, I'd simply use paint . . . then build a small berm on the land side.

That small raised area should be enough to give the visual impression that the moat is below ground level . . . at least that's the theory.

Good luck with your project.

-- Jeff

PS, I'm still waiting for my S&S samples to arrive.


Snickering Corpses said...

I agree, you must be nuts :> But I look forward to seeing it anyway. Also, you'll want to delete that first post by akinogal, it's a spam.

old-tidders said...


thanks for the ideas for the moat

-- Allan

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

...mad but I know exactly where you're coming from... I have an ECW era siege site just down the road from where I am.. :o)



...good luck with your project..