Saturday 22 March 2008

40mm Figure Manufacturers

A breif survey of 40/42mm figure manufactures (plus prices on websites that I have looked at mostly UK):

1. 42MM Irregular Miniatures Renaisiance Range - Good range of infantry, cavalry and cannon.; foot £1.25; horse+rider £2.75

2. 40MM Sash and Sabre ECW Range - Good range of infantry, cavalry and cannon Example - Example price £35 for pack of 20 infantry - £1.75 each. This this range is also availabe at cheaper bag prices from Caliver Books (Partizan Press + Matchlock Minaitures - - £27.50 for pack of 20 infantry [don't know if they have different postage rates though]

3. 40MM ROMANOFF MINIATURES ( good range of foot figures. £9 for bag of 5 figs.

4. 40mm Drabant Minaitures (; WARS OF MOSCOW STATE range;
DM1125; DM1126 Swedish Musketeers early 17C £4 each
DM1111 12pdr cannon early 17C £9 each
DM1117 13 INCH MORTAR £9 each

5. 1:48 (35mm+) Scale Hecker & Goros (Berliner Zinnfiguren website) - possible useable small range of figures. Consist of 30yrs war artillery and odd figures; e.g 2 foot figures 13 Euros. Also a 2 wheel cart with horse and driver - 18 Euros. They do a cannon and also a limber.

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