Wednesday 25 January 2023

The Treaty of Montberg..

With no viable remaining field army, Wittenberg in possession of the Hoflandt, Saxe-Jarlsberg has no alternative to sue for peace. Saxe-Jarlsberg will cede control of the Hoflandt to Wittenberg.

Delegates gather at in the abbots hall  at the Montberg abbey.  The finalisation of the treaty to end hostilities in the Hoflandt will be signed.  Cardinal Lazunarund and his assistant has already arrived and is about to go into the hall, the Cardinal will sign the treaty for Wittenberg. The coach carrying Count Pottensdorf, the Herzog of Saxe-Jarlsberg's first minister, has just arrived ....


This brings an end to this Hoflandt mini-campaign


The Good Soldier Svjek said...

Love the coaches !

Tiberian general said...

Fantastic modelling, thanks for sharing.