Tuesday 29 November 2022

Hoflandt -Campaign Map Movements (3)...

Saxe-Jarslberg (defending the Hoflandt). RED

  • After their defeat at Marienstadt, the troops retired to Montberg, to join the garrison there.
  • The main body of the Duke's army (including troops from Hesse-Limburger) left Karlebach and reached Montberg. 
  • A regiment of foot and dragoons were sent to secure Zigenfeldt
  • The garrison at Dashagen was re-inforced.
  • The main body of the Duke's army left Montberg heading for Marienstadt....

Wittenberg (trying to seize the Hoflandt) GREEN

  • A small force was sent to take control of Gorhagen.
  • A flying column of two regiments of dragoons and a regiment of horse seized Videnberg.
  • The King with the main body of the army left Hof and reached Marienstadt.
  • Scouts reported the Saxe-Jarlsberg army was on the move.
  • The army started forward from Mariendstadt making for Kuhhaus.
both armies were now on a 'collision course'....


daveb said...

It's a foot race for kuhhaus! Who will find the advantageous terrain for the clash?!?

Tiberian general said...

Excellent stuff Allan.