Friday 14 October 2022

Hoflandt -Campaign Map Movements (2)...


Saxe-Jarslberg (defending the Hoflandt). RED

  • A small force was drawn up to defend the road into Marienstadt (mostly composed of the former garrison of Hof).
  • The force holding Montberg was re-inforced.
  • The Duke's army (including troops from Hesse-Limburger) has completed mustering at Karlebach, and is ready to move.

Wittenberg (trying to seize the Hoflandt) GREEN

  • After capturing Hofheim, the northern strip of the the Hoflandt has been secured.
  • The troops blocking the road between Hof and Marienstadt have been reinforced and are advancing on Marienstadt.
  • At Hof, the main body of the Wittenberg field army is crossing the river into the Hoflandt.

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daveb said...

Goodness. Wittenberg is running out of time to prevent the entire Hoflandt from falling.