Friday 9 September 2022

Hoflandt -Campaign Map Movements (1)...

Saxe-Jarslberg (defending the Hoflandt). RED

  • The garrison ejected by Wittenberg from Hof had retreated to Marienstadt.
  • The Duke's army is mustering at Karlebach, along with allied troops from Hesse-Limburger.
  • A small force has been sent to hold Montberg.
  • All towns and garrisons had been notified to be on the alert.

Wittenberg (trying to seize the Hoflandt) GREEN

  • While the town of Hof was secured a small force moved out to block the road to Marienstadt.
  • After seizing the ferry crossing at Inglewitz, more troops were brought over the river Oudear.
    • They moved up to Dreishof, then on to Applestrudel to block the border to Monrovia.
    • Another small strike force moved quickly to Toppenhof and then made for Hofheim.

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Tiberian general said...

Very cool looking map Allan.