Friday 29 July 2022

Adding to the Library (2) ...

 Another superb addition to the library - Vol2 of Von Essen's Charles X wars

so far just dipped in but will get stuck in to it once I've finished reading  'Return of the king'': the restoration of Charles II' by Charles FitzRoy.

With all Vol 1 and the now Vol 2, getting more interested in the eastern wars - perhaps build a Cossack-Tatar army ? Doh ! Then perhaps an army for Muscovy as well.... 😜

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Duke of Baylen said...

You're right, von Essen's series are excellent. There will be a review in the next journal of the Pike & Shot Society's "Arquebusier". The range of nation's involved in these campaigns is terrific and almost anyone can be allied to anyone else.. There are figures available in a range of scales though of course my own are 28mm. I've succumbed to painting more as you are tempted to make a beginning and why not.
There are also interesting resonances with current news from the same geographical areas.
I look forward to adding volume 3 to my bookshelf later this year.