Saturday 3 November 2018

Polish Pancerni - Trial Figure painted

Another trial figure painted up, this time a pancerni.
with basic kit of sabre and shield. I plan to have units of these with a mix of war hammers, sabres, and short lance plus carbines.

I've sample some 28mm bits and know have a range of accessories I can use (saves me making a special mould)

  • Gripping Beast wire spears for lances
  • Front Rank sabres and straight swords
  • The Assault Group - Warhammer
  • Essex Miniatures - 16c musket, to use as carbine
  • Pancerni Shields - timurid whicker shields from Grippping Beast 
Next trial paint figure will be 'cossack' light cavalry'


Ross Mac said...

Should serve very well.

tradgardmastare said...

He has worked out very well.