Friday, 28 September 2018

Polish Winged Hussar (painted ..)

After a little bit of a tidy up got on with painting my first winged hussar; the wings have come out nicely - overall looking good

Will cast some more when I'm doing trial castings of the other polish figure moulds. The Polish-Swedish war of 1600-11 has a number of engagements which could be re-fought;  better build the Polish army first 😎


  1. Your winged hussars look terrific. Two things: many reenactors I have seen in movies, etc have white tips on their feathers. An important thing is that some winged hussars were in existence into the early 1700's. Might you not call on these stout fighters to support the kingdom of Wittenberg from those dreaded Begovians?

    1. The feathers could be black, brown or white; some with different coloured tips for the feathers (i.e white) depending on which birds the feathers were taken from. I went with the wing colour as portrayed in the Stockholm Roll and chose black.

      Having the polish winged hussars confront the Begovians is one of the options for a future campaign, as you say either in an 18C context or 17C.

  2. Excellent work, on the sculpting, casting and painting!

  3. What terrific work on all fronts!

  4. Replies
    1. I'll most likely use my existing Monrova/Wittenberg units with new command stands with suitable flags to represent the Swedes.