Tuesday 23 January 2018

The Traveller arrives ...

Fischer, Scharfe, Hofler and their servant Limburger had eventually reached Wittenberg and joined the Kings Dragoons. They had been taken under the wing of one of the captains - Von Messing, It was not long before they received their first orders - they were to go down to Inglewitz and ensure the  Traveller (a mysterious person who had a number of aliases) was safely conducted to his coach and then escort him as far as Ottenheim.

At Inglewitz von Messing and Fischer have gone down to the wharf;  Scharfe, Hofler and their lackey Limburger keep a watchful eye out for trouble elsewhere on the edge of the town.

At the wharf the Traveller has a last word with one of the crew of the small boat he arrived on ....
Von Messing and Fischer meet the Traveller ...
they will escort him discretely on foot to an inn about half a mile away where he will get on the coach.


  1. Just lovely modelling and narrative Allan. I really like those clear figure bases, they work very well.

    1. The clear bases are a bit of a faff to do but worth the effort - the figures look better on a range of surfaces with out any base 'clash'. Although it would be nice to find something a bit thinner for the clear base.