Monday 24 April 2017

Sculpt and Cast - Polish cavalry WIP ...

Two items being worked on at the moment,  a Winged Hussar and a Pancerni. The basic armour etc is done
need to add sword/scabards etc. The wings for the hussar are going to be a challenge. Also currently planning to do the following polish figures as well

  • light cavalry
  • tartar
  • haiduk infantry


Springinsfeld said...

Help, slow down....too many good things to comment on! Great sculpting again.

tidders said...

Had a couple of weeks away from the modelling desk, so now I've caught up on things - will be making some moulds over the next couple of days and then casting figures.

Herr Zinnling said...

They look great! Did you also do the horses? Regards, Karl

tidders said...

Yes, the horses are cast from a master I sculpted from scratch.

The horse turned out so well, I've used castings of it to make a generic draught horse. Also I've made some masters for generic 18C hussar and dragoon/kurassier horses