Sunday, 18 December 2016

Pikies and Muskies Alive, Alive, Oh ....

Got the mould for the musketeer and pikeman done, initial trial castings ..
unfortunately a bit of the mould broke off - the weak point in the musketeers arm gap - was expecting trouble with it but not after one casting, still have been able remove the blob using a hobby drill and make suitable repairs.

A session doing some casting for the first regiment yielded lots of useable figures plus some spares. In order to provide the command figures I converted 4 men walking figures I cast last week and used a spare Sash & Sabre officer.
 with 8 pikemen and 12 musketeers....

must get these painted ....


  1. Brilliant, well done, a great amount of work goes into such a project.

  2. your steady work is always an inspiration! I'm still trying to get my act together and focused on my 40mm project, altho have been making some real headway lately. Keep it up!

  3. Your figures look great! Keep up the good work.