Monday 6 June 2016

Sculpt & Cast - WIP (3), twiddly bits being added...

Progress is seemingly slow but some of the foot figures are nearing completion, with just the heads to do.

the man walking and standing, both get a short sword(stiletto); the woman standing looking better but rather 'mannish'

 Sword hilts added, drum hoops added; one chap gets his arms

 the horse is starting to take shape...


  1. Looking good! I love seeing people making their own figures. It's fun and very satisfying, isn't it? (and at times, can be frustrating, but worth it in the end)

    1. a week or so ago I felt nothing looked right and I wasn't making much progress - now as some figures near completion I much more satisfied with what I've done and I am looking forward to making the moulds ...