Tuesday 1 March 2016

Looking eastward ...

I've been getting interested in things more eastward from my two imaginary nations. The wars between the Austrians, Polish and Ottomans. I have the Osprey Polish books, I recently got some books by Bruno Mugnai on the Ottomans

lots of great illustrations, text in Italian but has english translations for the uniform plates.   It may take some time before something materialises .....(if at all...);  maybe I'll use some figures from the Irregular Miniatures 42mm Renaissance range.


Big Andy said...

Yes I agree a fine pair of books All I need now is time to fit in more Turks

Chris Dunlap said...

I've been considering purchasing those two volumes by Mugnai. What information is covered in them?

tidders said...

from first perusal of the two volumes, in outline the contents are as follows

Vol 1 - covers Janissaries - infantry and cavalry (colour plates and line drawings) - standards for army and the ortas (not in colour)
Vol 2- covers Hungarians, Tartars, Transilvanians, Wallachia, Moldavia, Bosnians, ALbanians - with uniform info. .Summary of siege of Candia and Vienna. One appendix has some basic orders of battle including Vienna 1683

Each volume has a about ~5 colour plates and ~10 line drawings of uniforms which have english descriptions.

More colour info on the Janaissaries and their standards you can get from

hope thats been helpful


Chris Dunlap said...

Thanks for the info! I sent you a message on G+ because I thought my question hadn't posted. I have and can highly recommend 2 volumes of Mugnai's from Soldiershop in Italy called The Long Turkish War (full English text translation). Each volume has color plates and period illustrations, along with color uniform drawings by Christopher Flaherty of the Ottoman Uniforms site.