Sunday 1 November 2015

Main Personality Figures (command) - WIP

Have started work on the the main personality figures. I bought the Sash&Sabre ECW two command figure pack to use for the Kings, using a different horse for one of them; and tweaked a couple of other figures for the captain generals and standard bearers

 While sorting through figures I found I had four officers with swords that could maybe be suitable for 'the musketeers'.
Will need to have four equivalent mounted figures as well though - will have to check what spare riders and horses I have left.

In terms of units I have decided to tweak the sizes slightly
- horse: down to 8 figures, mainly to get more units on the table
- foot: 12 musket (down from 16), pike block of 12 comprising 8 pikemen, 2 ensigns, drummer,  officer with partizan and colonel of foot.

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