Tuesday 18 August 2015

Artillery Interlude (2 of 2) - a couple more Artillerist Conversions

I had two more artillerist conversions planned, a man carrying a barrel on his shoulder and another pushing a wheelbarrow.

I was checking the amount of spare metal I have for casting when I spotted a couple of Creartec SYW figures which hadn't quite cast properly - they seemed just right as base figures.  Here are the base figures with their new ECW heads ready for fixing on
Here are the finished conversions, quite a bit of green stuff used

  • belts done using strips of black insulation tape
  • the wheelbarrow is made from offcuts of plasticard and cardboard, the wheel was adapted from a near circular tab from an old Brita filter jug I was taking apart.
The two chaps all painted and hard at work unloading a wagon....

1 comment:

Fitz-Badger said...

Nicely done! The wheelbarrow is good scratch-built piece, the use of miscast minis is good, and the tape is a good thickness for the belts.