Saturday 14 March 2015

Muster near Harnham ...

The Parliamentarians had been reorganising, bringing together disparate garrison companies and some new volunteers to form two new regiments. These will be used to garrison Wilton, Sarisbury and Stockbridge, freeing up troops for action in the field.

On the outskirts of Harnham near Sarisbury, Sir Warwick Hunt reviews the newly mustered regiments of foot.
[ Two new regiments of foot - using Sash&Sabre figures plus a couple of Romanoff and Irregular Miniatures; thats the last of my stash of ECW figures; still more bits and bobs planned for the collection]


Springinsfeld said...

Very smart, I like the green fellows best I think.

Mike B said...

A very impressive array, despite being bowl Heads! Great work! 40 mil looks excellent !