Sunday, 9 February 2014

Royalists retake Romsey....

In early February Romsey had been retaken by a small Royalist force and then lost again a couple of days later to the parliamentarians.

Sir William de Willoughby was ordered to re-take and hold Romsey. He left Twyford at dawn taking his regiment of horse and dragoons.

After a brisk skirmish on the edge of Romsey, the dragoons entered the town ....
A bit later Sir William with his regiment of horse entered the town taking control of the market square, the dragoons flushing out the remnants of the parliamentarian garrison


  1. Well done! Any victory for the King is worth a "well done" . . . down with the Roundheads and up with the Cavaliers!

    -- Jeff

  2. Nice game there. I've got to answer the noble Jeff..... boo yah boo sucks to the swaggering Royalists and their unfeasibly large hats.

  3. sounds like a clear-cut case of "hat envy". Quite common amongst the lower classes when faced by their betters.

  4. On a more serious note [did I just say "serious" RE: wargaming??] I was admiring your town, and wondering if most of them are from train scale buildings. I forget the 40mm size, but is it "O" scale trains? I'd like to get enough buildings to make a small town, and train stuff seems like the easiest way to acquire them. Best, alex

    1. I use 28mm buildings !!

      The main discrepancy can be door height, I ignore this as most of the time the figures are not next to the doors. If a door is too small I modify the building to put a larger one on.

      The buildings are mostly a mix from the Conflix and Total System Scenic ranges, and a couple of other suppliers. The large church is made from the Pegasus gothic building sets. I've also have a couple of oddment pottery buildings and a some scratchbuilt cardboard ones as well.

      Some of the MDF buildings may be a worth look - try 4Ground.

      -- Allan