Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Lady in Distress ....

Lady Agatha Hippedsley-Cox (Royalist),  while returning from a visit to her cousin in Longford Castle (to the south of Sarisbury) was intercepted by a body of Parliamentarian horse.  Her coach was damaged in the skirmish and they have taken her in a cart to hand her over to the nearest Parliamentarian garrison.

 Lady Agatha and her maid meet the garrison commander, they will be quartered in the main house, till a decision on their fate is made..
The horse leave using the cart to take some supplies to the other units of Parliamentarian army in quarters some miles away...
Part of Lady Agatha's escort escaped and rode at full gallop to the Roaylist garrison at Sarisbury for help, a body of horse and dragoons  left within the hour to attempt a rescue .

to be continued ...

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  1. What despicable rogues those Roundheads are . . . to attack women and carry them off to who knows what sort of fate.

    True Englishmen (those who uphold the Crown) respect the gentler sex and do not war upon them.

    -- Jeff