Saturday, 29 September 2012

Battle of Tilshead ...

The royalists have been probing into southern wiltshire. Sir Warwick Hunt , the parliamentarian commander decides to withdraw some of his outlying garrisons around Market Lavington (south of Devizes) along with their supplies south-east to Shrewton.

A Sir Warwick Hunt and small parliamentarian force covered the withdrawal; however the royalists commanded by Sir Wiliam de Willoughby were on the move south from Devizes and the parliamentarians were forced to give battle and fight a delaying action while the rest of the column moved to safety.
Sir Warwick Hunt drew up his men across the road on the rising ground to a mile or so north of Tilshead, using his dragoons as a folorn hope.
The royalists get organised out of their column of march ...
The royalists commence their advance
The parliamentarian folorn hope exhanges fire with the royalists ...
the folorn hope retires under weight of fire ...
The parliamentarian cuirassier charge across between the opposing foot and attack the royalist dragoons ...
The dragoons are scattered and run for safety, the royalist horse come to their aid...
The cuirassiers take it in the flank and rear ....
No too bothered the cuirassiers are pushed back but continue fighting hard .... 
The royalist foot closes in and musket fire is exchanged ....
the cuirassiers and royalist horse fall back to re-group
Meanwhile the royalist foot has pushed foreward onto the hill; the parliamentarians are withdrawing in good order except for one regiment which loses a melee, surrenders and is surrounded
On the other flank the ponderously slow movement of the royalists has little impact on the final moments of the battle
The parliamentarians withdraw successfully, the royalists regroup and wait for their ordnance and baggage - lead elements push into Tilshead.

A tactical success for Parliament -
but a victory on the field of battle for Ye Kinge


  1. Please remind me again of what rules you are using . . . I've forgotten.

    -- Jeff

  2. Great to see you ECW in action again!

  3. This has all come together well. An enjoyable Sunday morning read.

  4. Jeff - I've sent you an E-Mail with linsk to the rules I'm using.

    littlejohn - it was nice to get the ECW boys back into action, need to ge the campaign status sorted before things progress more

    -- Allan

  5. Great battle report Allan. I'm very sorry but I seem to have added myself twice to your followers on this blog. I was trying to connect the icon to my blog account, so it would show my new blog as well. Just goes to show one shouldn't meddle with things one can't understand!!