Friday 4 May 2012

ECW Unit Compositions

In the process of planning my expanded dragoon units, I whipped up some ECW unit compositions sourced from 'Junior General' . These represent the basic units I use for my ECW gaming.

1. Regiment of Foot: 5 pikes + ensign; 10 musketeers + drummer + officer
2. Regiment of Horse: Officer + Cornet + 7 troopers
3. Dragoons (my new organisation): 
On horseback: Officer + Ensign + 9 mounted Musketeers; the mounted version is representational (purely for cost reasons), as they will mostly be deployed on foot.
On foot: Officer + Ensign + 14 Musketeers + 2 Horseholders (may reduce to total of 15, still thinking about this)

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Springinsfeld said...

Good idea using these to plan out your units.