Friday, 23 March 2012

Save the gun ...

The commander of Parliamentarian forces Sir Warwick Hunt had been moving his siege ordnance northwards to assist Waller in the siege of Devizes; when the news of the battle of Roundway reached him they turned about. After passing through Upavon their largest gun became stuck in a marshy area; with its limber damaged and unable to extract it they left a guard of dragoons, foot and horse - while they went to get more horses and repair the limber.

Meanwhile to take advantage of the royalist victory at Roundway Sir William de Walloughby led his wiltshire royalists to try and take Upavon (south-west of Devizes) and then if possible move on Amesbury; as they marched they came upon the gun and its guard ....


The gun stuck in the boggy ground, dragoons stand to as some royalist foot is spotted ...
The rest of the troops guarding the gun form up (a regiment of foot and one of horse), while the royalist foot start their advance. In the distance royalist horse and dragoons are moving up, also the head of the parliamentarian force with a team of horses to extract the gun and more troops can be seen arriving
The royalist infantry advance and parliamentarian horse wheel to move to cover the flank ......
The parliamentarian dragoons and royalist infantry exchange fire; the dragoons flinch and fall back; Sir Warwick Hunt has arrived and manages to rally them
The dragoons continue their exchange of fire with the royalist foot, Sir William de Walloughby has arrived and is encouraging the royalist foot forward ...
Firing erupts along the battle lines, the royalist foot and dragoons are pressing forward; the team of horses is being hitched up to the gun; Sir Warwick Hunt looks anxiously to his rear and watches parliamentarian horse engaged with a royalist horse regiment that had worked its way around the flank
The royalist horse have beaten their opposition and have wheeled round and charged into the back of the nearest parliamentarian foot regiment; Sir Warwick Hunt and his escort are caught in the melee ....
The parliamentarian dragoons have routed and the rest have fallen back under fire; their withdrawal turns into a general 'rout' - all a regiment of parliamentarian horse that has just arrived can do is to cover the flight of their comrades; the grey coated parliamentarian foot regiment beset by both horse and foot surrenders- Sir Warwick Hunt is captured
The royalist foot have captured the gun, Sir William de Walloughby moves forward to examine his prize ..

A victory for ye Kinge

what will happen to Sir Warwick Hunt ? the royalists will take him north to be imprisoned ...


A great game, the use of the shuffled unit cards for order of movement and dicing for response to 'command' to move add unpredictability to the game. Parliament seemed to be doing well until they lost the horse melee on their flank and a run of  bad rolls on the selected 'lucky' red dice  for morale checks led to all unravelling
The not so lucky red dice !!


  1. Excellent game as always. I have a set of dice like that...

  2. Hurrah for the King! A well-fought little action.

    -- Jeff

  3. A sad day for the supporters of Law and the Common Goode over Licence and Privilege but a good looking little action and enjoyable report.