Saturday 10 December 2011

The thinking cap is on and overheating ...

I've been trying to find the best way to game the parliamentarian siege and attack/assault on Devizes. I've opted to do the attack on the southern part of the town.

One decision made - hoorah; now the next problem is how to represent the town in the best way. I want have the outer houses and also to have some space for the attackers if possible to get into the town and the defenders to move around. Also need some barricades etc

Currently thinking of making up some low relief buildings, but I'll have to get these to be generic enough to re-use for other periods - no point in making something for one game.

The cogitation continues ...


  1. I have a a4 poster of this marvellous device in my classroom to encourage good thinking from us all.
    It would look great on a steampunk type figure...

  2. Sounds an interesting and novel solution.

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