Sunday 30 October 2011

Rearguard at Rowde [Sun 9th July 1643]

The Royalists are on the march to Devizes are and passing through the village of Rowde.
As the tail end of the column reaches Rowde they receive word of nearby Parliamentarian horse
Royalist horse take up position at Rowdeford (by the Summerbrook)...
Parliamentarian horse attack ...
They fall back, to regroup
In they come again ...
They are pushed back and while they regroup the Royalist horse withdraw
The Royalist horse pass through Rowde with the Parliamentarians following ...
A Royalist foot regiment blocks the road to Devizes. The Parliamentarian horse makes a bold charge
But the musket fire from the foot regiment is too much for them ...


The rearguard join the rest of the Royalist army drawn up on Roundway hill just to the north of Devizes, but with the Parliamentarian horse re-inforced and the rest of their army visible on the march the Royalists hurry into Devizes and start erecting barricades.


  1. Nice little battle report and good looking game

  2. Good report Alan. Strangely enough I drove through Rowde myself on Saturday, lucky I missed the Skirmish

  3. Love getting back to your great AAR' always amazed at the way you maximize the effect of a smaller table.