Monday, 30 May 2011

A Messenger arrives at Pokesay ...

Captain Philip Stanhope has a message from Lord Hopton for Sir William de Willoughy commander of royalist forces in Wiltshire; he has been re-directed to Pokesay after looking for him at Wallingborough.
Capatin Stanhope arrives on the outskirts of Pokesay by the parish church ...
Startled by the sound of musket fire, he looks into an adjoining field and sees some dragoons at practice ..
Arriving in the town square he asks for directions from one of the locals ...
The sentry at the castle gatehouse notices the arrival of a rider and calls the officer on duty ..
Stanhope moves towards the castle, he can see a galloper gun being repaired by the blacksmith ...
He approaches the gatehouse ...
Stanhope: Captain Stanhope with letters for Sir Willaim de Willoughy from Lord Hopton
Officer: please wait here, I'll find Sir William

After a short time Sir William arrives
Sir William: Good Day Captain Stanhope
Stanhope: An honour to meet you Sir William
Sir William: come with me, we'll find some refreshment for you

A regiment of foot undergoes drill outside the castle ...

They have a quick discussion in the hall ..
Sir William: Stanhope, what's the gist of these letters ?
Stanhope: Lord Hopton seeks troops and supplies for the army of the West
Sir William: I think I will be able to provide dragoons and some supplies, come we'll get some lunch and then I'll read the letters and we'll sort out the details ..

The next day Captain Stanhope departs with Colonel Wemys's dragoons and some supplies ..


  1. Excellent 'photo-novella', in the usual Tidders manner!

  2. I agree with the previous comments. An enjoyable pictorial!