Saturday, 7 August 2010

Royalists at Devizes ....

After their defeat at the battle Hungerford in Berkshire, the Royalists re-grouped at Chideford near Hungerford. Hearing of the defeat of the Kings Army at Newbury they decided to march back to Devizes to be in the best position to counter any move by Parliament. (note: have added outline map to above the blog archive)

Sir William de Walloughby watches as his troops enter Devizes

Note: I have updated this post to add link in the above text to Battle of Newbury (as reported on the Blog Lead Gardens)


  1. I don't know how I missed such a great battle. I'll have to pay better attention in the future...

  2. Just catching up to your campaign after a busy summer...nice stuff as always...what is the make of those wall sections and gate?

  3. I have no idea who the manufacturer is for the castle wall sections, got a load of it in a box at a local 'car boot' sale, I kept the best bits - see recent castle bashing posts on by Wittenberg blog. The gatehouse is another 'car boot' buy again manufacturer is unknown.

    A trip round toy stores may reveal similar usable items.

    -- Allan