Friday 19 June 2009

On to Wardour - Skirmish at Barford

At Sarisbury

The parliamentarian commander Sir Warwick Hunt leads out a regiment of foot from their quarters in the cathedral close, via the high street gate. They will be joining the troops marching to make siege at Wardour castle to the south-west.

At Barford

The route to Wardour to crosses the river at Barford St Martin, an outpost of Royalist dragoons is stationed there.

Two regiments of parliamentarian horse approach Barford, they have been ordered to take and hold the river crossing..

The parliamentarian horse attempt to charge into the village but are held off by steady fire from the dragoons.

The parliamentarians regroup. The commander of the horse waits for a regiment of foot to arrive before making another attempt to capture Barford.

The royalist dragoons seeing the arrival of the regiment of foot and other troops marching in the distance decide to withdraw and get word of the approaching column to the commander of Wardour castle.

At Wardour Castle

The commander is making preparations for a siege, the gate in the outworks is being re-inforced.
The commander reviews the regiment of foot which is the main part of the garrison.


Fitz-Badger said...

enjoyable and inspirational as always!

littlejohn said...

A great battlye brewing up here! Looking forward to the outcome.

Your battles just get better and better, Pokesay Castle is still a really inspiring building and I can sympathize with the Royalist dragoon commander for drawing off in the face of that fine regiment of Parliamentarian foot. Better to make them work for it behind the stout walls of the fort!