Wednesday 8 April 2009

Raid on the Pewsey Vale


In order to build up his supplies ready for the siege of Wardour castle, Sir Warwick Hunt (parliamentarian commander); organises a raid on the rich farm land of the Pewsey Vale. The raiders will have to deal with a royalist outpost and hope they get away without the nearby royalist garrison at Pewsey arriving to intervene.

For Parliament: 2 regiments of dragoons; 1 regiment of horse; 1 commanded shot (musketeers)

For Ye King:
Outpost: 1 regiment of horse; 1 regiment of foot;
Reinforcements: 1 regiment of horse; 1 regiment of foot; 1 commanded shot (musketeers)

'Battle Report'

The parliamentarian raiding force arrives on the edge of the rich farming area ....

Meanwhile the royalist outpost has been mustered for a review by the local garrison commander.
The royalists patrol the farmland area; its is a lovely day and they are not expecting anything

The parliamentarian raiding force fords the river with the wagons going over the bridge

The royalist patrol reports the presence of the raiding force; they are then told to ride off to alert the local garrison to send reinforcements.

The raiding force deploys to their forward positions, the carts move up towards the farms.

The royalists try to cross the bridge, they force back some dragoons only to come under fire from some musketeers and the other dragoon regiment.

The supplies are being loaded up from the first farm

The royalists now reinforced, attempt to cross the river for a second time ...

The raiding party continues loading up the supplies from the farms, one loaded cart is already on it way back..

The royalists are across the river, their superior numbers forcing back the parliamentarians

The parliamentarian musketeers after fighting the first royalist regiment of horse have broken and are being pursued, the rest of the raiding force is starting its withdrawal.

The royalist horse are in hot pursuit, their second regiment of horse starts to move to prevent the loading of supplies by the raiders.

One of the wagons crosses the bridge to safety, meanwhile another wagon is on its way to the bridge, the third is still being loaded

Its all over, the raiders make a run for it crossing the river, the royalist horse stop the third cart from getting away.

The royalist horse is blown after its pursuit and pulls up to rest; the parliamentarians move back towards Amesbury (and then on to Sarisbury) having captured enough supplies for their purposes.


Fitz-Badger said...

Enjoyable illustrated battle report!

Capt Bill said...

Very nice pitures that capture the action. Welldone!

littlejohn said...

Beautiful battle report. Do you still use Victory Without Quarter Rules?

cheers, Dave

old-tidders said...

We're using a set of rules based on the 'Charge yr Pikes!' rules.

-- Allan

David said...

Beautifully done - most impressive...

Really must get my 15mm ECW armies painted some day!