Friday, 26 June 2009

Wardour Castle - falls to Parliament

Sir Warwick Hunt, commander of the parliamentary forces laying siege to Wardour castle mounts his horse after finishing his breakfast and gets ready to direct an assault on the outworks of the castle.
Attempts with artillery and mortars have failed so far to provide any results; his miners are still digging tunnels. His main weapon the big siege gun has still not arrived; impatient he orders his foot regiments to prepare for an assault ...

The whole of the royalist garrison get ready to defend the outworks against the oncoming assault; the foot regiment has been reinforced by some dragoons and some horse who have dismounted.

The parliamentary artillery battery opens fire; its main target is the gun near the castle outworks gate - the aim to destroy it or reduce its fire as the assault goes in ...

The first wave of the assault forms up and approaches the outworks ...

The heavy mortar prepares to start firing, they aim for castle gatehouse and the gate in the outworks ....

The first wave of the assault reaches the outworks ....

The parliamentary foot take heavy casualties but cross the outworks forcing back the defenders ...

The large siege gun arrives and they set it up, it may be needed if the assault fails ...

The royalists have repulsed the first assault, hovever the second assault wave arrives and an attack is made on the outworks gate ....

The gate slightly damaged by mortar fire gives way under the sheer weight of numbers and the parliamentary foot gain the outworks, the royalist foot retire towards the gate house. The dismounted horse troopers lay down their arms, the dragoons prepare to fire ...

The garrison commander to surrenders to Sir Warwick Hunt; the outworks have fallen, his troops are laying down their arms and he has no alternative.

End notes:
1. My model of Pokesay castle is 'masquerading' as Wardour.
2. Historically Wardour Castle, fell to parliament in May 1643 - see


  1. A rousing report and excellent photos, thanks...

  2. Great report!...and though the Royalists put up a stout resistance, the Roundheads stood to the task manfully!

    (and I'm putting a win in the Parliamentary column in my campaign for the month of June!...many thanks!)

  3. Great report and photos!
    I was thinking it fell rather quickly. Didn't some of those ECW sieges go on for months and months? (although, playing such a siege in real time might not be much fun!)

  4. Your right some sieges went on for months. The first historical siege of Wardour lasted 5 days.

    For the purposes of the game I played with my friend I decided on assuming the siege had been going on for a bit, in order to have some game 'action'.

    -- Allan

  5. Great photo stuff - I like your nice scenic 'backgrounds' too!

  6. Wonderful photos as always.

    -- Jeff