Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Sword play rules test .....

Moved outside yesterday evening for 'gaming session'; indoors was too hot and there was nice breeze outside.  The 'simple sword play rules' were tested out using small scenic setups on a couple of my table riser sections.

encounters in rocky outcrops...
 After trialling 1 against 1, 1 against 2 and tweaking the rules a bit we then tried a Musketeer dealing with three cardinals guard
the musketeer managed top fend off the guardsmen but picked up two wounds and got away.  I need to write up the changes to the rules.

Sunday, 1 July 2018

Sculpts: review of Polish Masters...

As I've been working on some TYW sculpts I decided to review the 40mm Polish masters; a few tweaks done
  • The Haiduk's musket has been shortened by about 3mm
  • The riders have had their swords moved to down by the side of their left boot - easier to make a mould and less problems with metal flow.
  • The Pancerni has been given a new face
  • The generic foot figure has been reworked, the upper body has been changed with new arm positions plus a sword added too.
Here are the masters ....

I am going to make moulds for these (when the weather gets a cooler),  mould list

Hussar + Wing
Pancerni + Haiduk
Light Car + Haiduk
Generic Foot figure + ?

For the Pancerni and Light cavalry I will buy some add-on bits like shields and bow cases from The Assault Group, the 28mm accessories are just about right.

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Sculpt: TYW Cuirassier ...

Finished the initial pass sculpt of a TYW cuirassier;  from the photos I can see a few fluffs that need attention. Overall I am pleased with it ...

 comparison of my sculpt with an Irregular Miniatures cuirassier fitted with a Sash and Sabre head. A good size match...

Saturday, 23 June 2018

Sculpt: TYW Mounted Dragoon...

Knocked up a mounted dragoon,  modifying one of my mounted cavalry figures.
also in progress in a TYW curassier.

Monday, 4 June 2018

a couple of things on the go ....

couple of things being worked on at the moment...

1) a simple set of sword play rules as an add on to my skirmish rule set; initial version has been play tested, second version awaiting a play test. Aim is to have it fit on one page ? !

2) I'm slowly putting the Kettelwitz series of games into a 'campaign pdf'; I will be trying to make something a bit more of it as sort of project in itself. Trying out my drawing skills, I would like to have parts illustrated by drawings. First attempts were bad, but after some practice I think I'm getting nearer something usable...

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Those four chaps - mounted and armed with muskets

completed the two new sets of musketeer figures, the mounted set ...
and on foot armed with muskets

Saturday, 5 May 2018

Those four chaps again -- WIP

I've been doing some conversions on my stock of spare castings to make up a couple of new sets of four musketeers figures - one armed with muskets and the other horseback; 

the basic non-action set...
 the new set armed with muskets
 and on horseback
the two new sets will be on normal style rather than clear bases - as they will be used mostly in skirmish style games in association with other figures.