Friday, 20 November 2015

17C Coach completed....

Here are a couple of pictures of the finished coach...

Saturday, 14 November 2015

17C Coach, Work in progress - 2

Stages in making the coach body. First a simple cardboard shell..
 Adding the basic roof...
 Detailing, with some strips and pieces of cardboard; plus some round pin-heads. All done ready for painting, shown below with some horses from Irregular Miniatures 42mm marlburian range.

Friday, 13 November 2015

17C Coach, Work in progress - 1

Not having an appropriate coach for the period I decided to make one. As a basis for my model I chose the a Dinky 'Slipper and the Rose' coach. These are quite nice and with a paint job would be quite appropriate for an 40mm 18C coach.
 I bought a cheap one on Ebay and took it to bits; leaving me with the parts I wanted - the chassis and wheels
 Before starting on building the new coach body I made up a driver using a 18C 40mm self-cast Creartec cuirassier as a dolly. A new head from Sash & Sabre and lots of green stuff .....

Friday, 6 November 2015

Commanders in Chief (main personality figures)

Have completed the main personality figures for each side, now ready to lead their armies

The King of Monrovia - Klemens I (in black with white stripe sleeves)
The King of Wittenberg - Leopold I (in the blue)

I hope to base the armies on historical counterparts if possible (providing I can find suitable reference material - uniform details and flags). At the moment provisionally
  • Wittenberg - based on Saxony
  • Monrovia - based on the Palatinate

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Main Personality Figures (command) - WIP

Have started work on the the main personality figures. I bought the Sash&Sabre ECW two command figure pack to use for the Kings, using a different horse for one of them; and tweaked a couple of other figures for the captain generals and standard bearers

 While sorting through figures I found I had four officers with swords that could maybe be suitable for 'the musketeers'.
Will need to have four equivalent mounted figures as well though - will have to check what spare riders and horses I have left.

In terms of units I have decided to tweak the sizes slightly
- horse: down to 8 figures, mainly to get more units on the table
- foot: 12 musket (down from 16), pike block of 12 comprising 8 pikemen, 2 ensigns, drummer,  officer with partizan and colonel of foot.

Friday, 30 October 2015

Command Stands

For 'big' battles will be using specific command stands for each side, one for each flank of horse and a central foot command. Using existing figures these are now done, requiring suitable flags to be added to the foot command.

Currently on the workbench are main personality figures for each side - each will comprise: King, Captain-General and Kings Standard bearer.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Somewhere in Europe just after the Thirty Years War

Waldemar IV the Elector of Baumberg,  had managed to keep his country intact during the thirty years war that raged across Europe.
Waldemar IV

On his death late in 1648,  the country was split into two, between his sons Leopold and Klemens, as stated in his will.  The Elector's chair was inherited by the eldest son Leopold. To avoid a damaging civil war a meeting of the Landsraad was called to ratify the will and create a treaty to define the new kingdoms. 

The country was split along the line of the river Oudear which ran through the province of Belgravia.  Each Kingdom was given control of an even number of cities which controlled the crossings of the river. The new Kingdoms were:
  • Wittenberg -- in the east ruled by Leopold I
  • Monrovia -- in the west ruled by Klemens I
After a couple of years the new kingdoms had settled down and established themselves. However both kingdoms asserted claims to the whole region of Belgravia, each stating that it belonged to their kingdom; control of the trade route of the river Oudear was behind these claims.  Even after the depredations of the thirty years war these two small Kingdoms were prepared to go to war to settle the matter. Both sides commenced organizing their armies, although neither side wanted at the moment to make the first agressive move .....

[ for my post-TYW Imagin-Nations I've wound back the history of Wittenberg to the partition of the original Electorship - quite handy as I can re-use all the maps and place names from  18C blog]