Sunday 21 June 2009

A rather large town house !

I bought this beastie at my local 'car boot' sale for the princely sum of £2. Although probably in scale for 40mm figs its a bit on the large side. Its made of cardboard and can be carefully (?) cut up, my plan is to make separate buildings of the top two stories and maybe do something with the remnants of the ground floor.


littlejohn said...

I'm sure you'll work your magic on it and we will soon be treated to an amazing conversion(*s)!

old-tidders said...

I've take the building apart, the first floor looks OK and I've based it and I've got to add a roof.

The ground floor and roof were of little use and have gone into the bin; the top floor may also go the same way.

Still, I've got at least one building out of it

-- Allan