Friday, 5 December 2008

Civilians ? (various figures)

A bit expensive, but for variety, some figures from the Eureka 40mm Musketeers range to be used for civilians or conversions to regimental officers. (Athos, Planchet, Rochefort, Constance+elderly Husband) I also got some accessories which include table, 2 chairs and food/plates/bottle/mugs).

To provide some scenic additions for a campsite or siege, some bits from Irregular Miniatures renaissance range (Woman with spoon; cauldron over fire and roasting spit).

The Irregular Miniatures soldier with flaming torch (with pistol/sword) and engineer. I've bought a couple more of each of these for possible conversions.


  1. In the photo, the Rochefort figure looks like it is in a different scale than the others.

    -- Jeff

  2. The Planchet and elderly husband figures are astounding! Very true to life.....

  3. Not really out of scale I think. I guess Rochefort is just a big guy.

  4. Rochefort in the films was played Christopher Lee who is 6ft 5ins tall - hence the slightly taller figure as they seemed to have modelled the figs on the film characters.

    -- Allan