Sunday, 17 May 2020

Wallhof - chevaux-de-frises ?

Still finalising the table setup for the Wallhof game. I've been looking more closely at the engraving of the battle, the Swedes are shown setting up some chevaux-de-frises (or similar) to impede the Polish cavalry (' arcendo equitatu Poliniae').
I thought it would be useful to include them in the setup. Not having any chevaux-de-frises I made up some basic ones, using spare strip wood and florists wire...
After a simple paint job I tried them out to see how they would look in the game context....
Will finalise the position and lnegth, then should be ready to play the game. 


  1. These turned out really well! Thinking back to Phil's question last week, while I enjoy the games, to me the hobby is very much about the painting and modelling of figures and scenery regardless of whatever rules might be in use. "The look of the thing" takes precedence. Your figures, games, and scenes always satisfy in that regard.

    Best Regards,


  2. Nasty,spikey things, just perfect! Looking forward to seeing the game.

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