Sunday, 5 April 2020

Sculpt - Tatar..

I've been working on a sculpt for a Tatar which will be used to build a small force to fight alongside the Polish army.  The sculpt is for a rider which will sit on my 'ottoman' style horse.

the right hand is left weapon-less; once cast the hand will be drilled through to fit a lance or sword.

In addition I've done two alternative heads, a shield, bow-case and quiver
hopefully these will cast OK when they go into a mould with the rider.   The separate bow-case and quiver could be used to equip a pancerni or some polish light cavalry.

Currently planning my next set of moulds, the Tatar and extras will be first in line.


  1. That really is extraordinary work... Well done. Look forward to seeing them cast.

  2. Inspiring! Makes me want to have another crack at moulding my own Ottomans...

  3. Definitely worthy to ride along with the Pancerni!