Sunday, 15 February 2015

The Royalist raiders move south-west

The Royalists had turned east after their attack on Amesbury then doubled back slightly as if returning northwards but then veered south-west and swooped on Stockbridge...

The Parliamentarian garrision of a company of foot took refuge in the church, contained there by the dragoons....
 While the horse set about their work, burning supplies and firing houses ....
 The commander of the raid orders the trumpeter to sound assembly its time to move off -
  to return north to Royalist territory, they plan to go north via Ludgershall and thence to the either Pewsey or Marlborough.


Meanwhile the Parliamentarian commander in Sarisbury had issued orders for his horse regiments to assemble, he marched north to Amesbury, not finding the Royalists there they headed eastwards in the hope of intercepting them in case they had been further south ....


A map of the raid, Royalist movements in red, with their route home 'dotted'; Parliamentarian movements in blue, with the next move east after Amesbury 'dashed'


  1. More Cavalier depredations......shameful. Let's hope the Parliamentarians can retaliate soon.