Tuesday 26 March 2013

Battle of Cheriton - planning

Historically after a flurry of activity in December which left both sides in winter quarters, not much happened untill they left winter quarters and the armies mustered during the third week of March - then it was straight into the movements that led to the main battle which was on 29th March 1644.

I was hoping to actually do the re-fight on the 29th March, but looks like I'll miss this date (other things in progress).

I've been studying the accounts of battle and getting an idea of the battlefield layout. One thing thats a bit of a hiccup is that I've not enough figures/units, at 1fig:33men scale, which is what I use for my ECW armies - to be able to represent both sides adequately - I may try out 1:60

Info from one source on size of the armies:
Royalists: 2500 cavalry, 3500 infantry                      at 1:60 --> 42 figs Cav; 60 figs inf
Parliamentarians: 3500 cavalry, 6500 infantry           at 1:60 --> 60 figs Cav; 108 figs inf

Totals: 102 figs horse; 168 figs foot, How many have I got, hmmm 117 figs (13 regiments horse @ 9 figs) 162 figs (9 regiments foot @ 18 figs)   Hoorah 1:60 it is; next stage will be working out the setup of my gaming table with the battlefield key features ....    


Big Andy said...

Cheriton is a pig to refight. I've only tried it once many years ago- in WRG days. The fighting in Cheriton wood is laborious- there is no other way the roundheads HAVE to turf the royalist out- or visa -versa depending upon when you start the action
John Adairs book is best.

littlejohn said...

I did a Cheriton scenario a ways back and found it a pretty interesting battle to play.