Sunday 18 March 2012

a quick update ...

Well I enjoyed the Roundway battle - I was so pleased to actaully manage to stage the refight. To have the forces to do this has long been a target - so that's that done. Now I can settle down to do bits and bobs - my main problem at the moment is storage space - I've filled my 'ECW cupboard', so some more appropriate boxes to store the cavalry are required. After that I will probably add another regiment of foot, some firelocks and some clubmen.

I managed to find some additional buildings from the Conflix range,
front to back: Priests house, Moneylenders house and 'Keep' (from Magic Toyshop). The one on the left is the Guild Masters house which I already had.  They've yet to be based, I may also repaint them a bit.

As to the ECW campaign for Wiltshire, this will restart shortly - have an idea for a new scenario.

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Bluebear Jeff said...

I look forward to the campaign . . . and the buildings look most usable indeed.

-- Jeff