Friday 31 October 2008

Campaign Overview Map

For my slightly 'imaginary' ECW campaign I've taken my map of Wiltshire and changed the name of two places
- Malmesbury has been renamed Wallingborough, held by the royalists
- Salisbury has been renamed Sarisbury, held by the parliamentarians.


littlejohn said...

I'm thinking campaigns will be fun for ECW since the forces are generally small. I have "The Perfect Captain's" Tinker Fox battlefield cards and rules and they look good as well. But having a base map helps to fix the character of the time. I just finished a novel by Thomas Hardy who set all his stories in the fictional county of Wessex and, in my copy of the book, there is a map of his fictional English midlands county that might make the basis for a good ECW campaign. When I get it drawn up, adapted and suitable for gaming...I'll post it on my blog.
Looking forward to your campaign!~


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